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Wilson Middle School
Mr. Mac has been working with the garden club after school to plant vegetables in the courtyard of the school.  The group is mostly 6th grade girls now but hopes to expand.  They are looking to start composting next year.

Natick High School
Sue  Haverstick's Environmental Studies class has been working at the Sassamon Golf Course to help with habitat restoration.  See more on the animals at the golf course by looking at the Sassamon Critter Land.

Natick Town Forest


See how Natick has changed since 1955 by comparing these documents with the forest you find today.

Vernal Pools in Natick



Three bat houses, one for each 2nd grade class will be installed on the exterior of the school building.  Did you know that a single little brown bat, one of the most abundant and widespread bats in North America, can eat between 3000-7000 mosquitoes each night?  A bat can live to be 20 years old.  That’s a pretty effective and non-toxic insecticide!

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Natick Environmental Agencies